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Yancey County
Yancey County


This chart shows our success with three programs in Iredell, Yancey and Richmond Counties.  All three of these counties made a commitment to reduce their delinquent tax accounts through the systematic assignment of the associated parcels to our firm for foreclosure.

Immediate and Continued Success Chart -

As you can see, these three counties represent three different areas of North Carolina.  Richmond County borders South Carolina and counties of the Coastal Plain but is part of the piedmont, Iredell County is also in the piedmont and Yancey County is in the mountain region.  These counties also represent rural and urban North Carolina, with Iredell County ranking in the largest population group of counties, and Yancey and Richmond ranking in the smallest and next to smallest population groups of counties, according to data obtained from the State Treasurer's Office.  In terms of population, we represent the smallest county in North Carolina, Tyrrell, and the fourth and third largest counties, Forsyth and Guilford.  Our clients are located on the Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina borders, as well as on the Atlantic Ocean and areas in between. Whether the economy of your locale is driven by agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, higher education or the medical sciences, we have the experience to deal with all types of taxpayers to collect large amounts of delinquent revenue while leaving the smallest possible negative footprint behind.

Please also consider that these figures pertain to the collection rate of the "current levy," for "non-motor vehicle" taxes, that is, the taxes levied for the current period on real property, and do not pertain to delinquent taxes.  We use these figures because they represent the effect a Zacchaeus Legal Services comprehensive tax foreclosure program can have not only on your delinquent accounts, but also on the amounts currently due.  The reason?  We think it is two-fold.  First, NCGS Section 105-374 requires that all taxes, not simply the delinquent taxes, must be paid before a foreclosure suit can be dismissed.  Secondly, once your Tax Office becomes serious about its foreclosure program and the public becomes aware of the consequences of failing to pay their taxes on time, delinquency rates fall.  You are welcome to call one of our many clients to confirm their positive experience in this regard.

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