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Collect these difficult accounts by outsourcing! 

Property tax collection by mortgage style foreclosure under N.C.G.S. Section 105-374 allows your office to out-source its foreclosure program. Using this procedure, your office avoids the staffing and budgetary problems associated with conducting in rem proceedings in- house.


We do the work, you get the credit ! 

After your staff provides Zacchaeus Legal Services with a current tax statement, deed card and tax map of the parcel, Zacchaeus conducts a title search of the parcel to ascertain all who may have an interest in the property, prepares a foreclosure complaint, serves legal process upon parties with an interest in the parcel, obtains an order allowing sale and conducts the public sale. At any time before a judge confirms the sale, a taxpayer may redeem his property by paying the taxes owed upon the parcel and the attorney fees and suit costs.


Maximize your returns, minimize your risk ! 

The only time your unit of local government becomes responsible for any portion of the attorney fee is when it is the only bidder at sale or a judge orders a fee less than that negotiated between Zacchaeus Legal Services and your unit of local government. This rarely occurs, resulting in a cost of a few dollars per parcel for a Zacchaeus Legal Services Tax Foreclosure Program.


Teamwork makes the difference ! 

During this entire process, Zacchaeus Legal Services will work with your collection and mapping staff to ensure prompt, courteous and proper handling of each foreclosure case. Respect for and a courteous approach to all parties involved in this otherwise adversarial process avoids as many conflicts as possible and resolves each case in the best possible manner for your office and the delinquent taxpayer. However, Zacchaeus Legal Services will never lose sight of the ultimate goal of collecting taxes on parcels which are not paying their share of the cost of local government.

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